June 23, 2017

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Pastors need bodyguards; any idiot can kill you – Kumchacha

Photo Credit To YEN.com.gh

– Kumchacha has said he’ll not take his security for granted so as to murdered by some ‘cheap idiots’ – He says Peter, a disciple of Jesus Christ kept knife on him to protect him. The founder and leader of Heaven’s Gate Ministry International, Nicholas Osei popularly known as ‘Kumchacha’ has defended the use of heavily-built armed men as bodyguards by some pastors in Ghana. Nicholas Osei aka Kumchacha According to him, the use of bodyguards by men of God are the smartest way of offering themselves a personal protection from being killed by some hoodlums who disgust their teachings. In a video circulating on social media, the local radio pastor is seen bragging of having more than twelve wild dogs as a way of beefing up security measures in his home He claimed among other things that, even Jesus Christ was fully aware there security lapses on earth that is why one of his disciples Peter, was keeping knife on him.  “You cannot compare systems in developed countries to that of Ghana. In advanced countries, if you call police for help, police vans will show up in numbers in just two minutes. Bbut in Ghana, if you call for help and you’re not lucky, you’ll be told the police van is gone to pick up Commanders child,” Kumchacha mocked. The Akan speaking pastor cautioned that, as a man of God, your spiritual warfare and protection belongs to God, but if you don’t apply common sense and wisdom in keeping physical protection, you could be killed by some ‘idiots’. “Even if Jesus took his security detail seriously, why would somebody like me lie low my security measures so as to get killed by some cheap murderers on the street,” he said.


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Post source : YEN.com.gh

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