June 26, 2017

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Police arrest two Nigerians for robbery near Flagstaff House

Photo Credit To YEN.com.gh

– Police have arrested two Nigerians for robbing a man of his GHc6,000 near the Flagstaff House in Accra – The robbers who were on a motorbike reportedly used a sharp instrument to deflate the man’s car tyre, and when he stopped to change it, they grabbed the money from the car and fled – Another motobike rider who witnessed the robbery chased the robbers and managed to hit one of them with his helmet, causing them to crash to the ground.
Officials of the Ghana Police Service have arrested two men who pulled off an elaborate robbery scheme near the Flagstaff House, the seat of government, on Wednesday afternoon.
Police arrest two Nigerians for daylight robbery
The suspects trailed a man who had gone to withdraw GHc6,000 ($1,360) from a bank at Osu to the Flagstaff House Traffic Light, according to a report by 3news.com. The two robbers, who were on a motorbike, used a sharp instrument to deflate the man’s car tyre while he had stopped to comply with a red traffic light. After the traffic light turned green, the man realised that his car tyre was deflated, so he parked by the side of the road to change it, only for the two robbers to grab the money from the car through the passenger window.
The robbers, according to the police, quickly fled the scene on their motorbike. Unfortunately for them, however, another motorbike rider who witnessed the robbery chased them and managed to use his helmet to hit the head of the robber who was riding the motorbike. The robbers are said to have crashed to the ground, causing the money to disperse on the road. Police say an angry mob quickly formed and began the process of delivering the so-called instant justice to the robbers. However, the attention of a policeman was drawn to the situation and he saved the two suspects from getting lynched. Of the GHc6000 which dispersed on the road, the victim is said to have recovered Ghc5,250. The two robbers will appear before a court in Accra on Thursday.

Post source : YEN.com.gh

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