June 26, 2017

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Woman recounts how the lack of medical oxygen cost the life of her cousin and one other at 37 Military hospital

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Ghanaian woman laments the death of her cousin which happened due to a lack of medical oxygen – Says her cousin requested oxygen upon arriving at the hospital A Ghanaian woman has revealed how she tragically lost her cousin yesterday, June 11th, due to a shortage of medical oxygen at the 37 Military Hospital in the capital Accra. For more of the latest local news on YEN click here Relating the series of events that led to the death of her cousin in her Facebook profile, Nana Kwakyewa referred to her late cousin as a prominent young man, a pharmacist, and a US Army soldier. Nana Dankwa, died do to lack of medical oxygen, According to Nana Kwakyewa’s tragic Facebook post, her cousin – who was a medical student in the United States – had been lodging at the Golden Tulip Hotel near 37 Military Hospital while vacationing in Ghana. On Wednesday morning, June 14th, Nana Dankwa had allegedly complained of chest pains and was subsequently rushed to 37 Military Hospital (the nearest medical facility) via a local taxi. Nana Kwakyewa states that her late cousin, being one in the medical field, suspected that he may have been in need of oxygen, and proceeded ask a nurse if he could be given emergency medical oxygen upon arriving at the 37 Military Hospital. “Please I’m dying, I can’t breath properly, I need oxygen please…” said Nana Dankwa, according to Nana Kwakyewa’s post.
Woman recounts how the lack of medical oxygen cost the life of her cousin and one other at 37 Military hospitalUnfortunately for Nana Dankwa, there would be no oxygen to be had. “Meewu o! Meewu o! Mep3 oxygen!” cried Nana Dankwa. According to the taxi driver who rushed the deceased young man to the hospital Nana Dankwa sat there for 10 minutes without being given the emergency oxygen he need to survive. Pay Attention: Get all the latest news on YEN.com.gh Nana Dankwa Eventually a nurse ended up taking an oxygen mask from another patient and giving it to Nana Dankwa, who ended up dying four minutes after being given the oxygen. The other patient, who the oxygen mask had been taken from, also died that day. Nana Kwakyewa, who saw her deceased cousin’s remains at the morgue saw both bodies at the 37 Military Hospital morgue. It remains to be seen what exactly what caused the young man’s death, and if indeed the use oxygen could have saved him. Nevertheless this incident highlights the highly controversial issue of major public health facilities lacking the ability to provide basic firsd aid health care at fatal cost to patients.

Post source : YEN.com.gh

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