June 26, 2017

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Sheikh Sharubutu advise youth to emulate the exemplary life of Alhaji Inusah Sally

Photo Credit To Sheikh Tophic Sienu

The National Chief Imam, Sheikh Usman Nuhu Sharubutu has called on the Ghanaian youth, especially in the Muslim community to emulate the exemplary life of businessman Alhaji Inusah Sally following his philanthropism in the country.

To him, Alhaji Inusah Sally is the perfect definition of a benevolent person urging the youth not hesitate in making him a role model.

He made the call on Tuesday evening when they were breaking the Ramadan fasting at the office of the businessman at 37 in Accra.

Speaking at the event, the Chief Imam quoted the Qur’an by saying ‘Let those who emulate, emulate an example like this’ – referring to humble business mogul.

‘This is what the Qur’an prescribes for us. Let those who emulate, emulate examples like this. If our zongo communities should have five people like this man (pointing to Alhaji Inusah), there will be less hardship,’ the Chief Imam said.

‘His generosity goes beyond the Zongos to non-Zongo and non-Muslim communities just alleviate the suffering of others. And that is the true definition of Islam,’ he added.

The Iftaar – breaking of the fast, which was organised by Friends of Alhaji Inusah Sally saw many dignitaries and his workers – most of whom were non-Muslims, all gracing the occasion.

The National Chief Imam prayed for Alhaji Inusah and his family, his associates and workers after presenting a citation which was given to him by Friends of Alhaji Inusah Sally on the night, for his benevolence and selfless support as to humanity.

Bankroller of former Ghana Premier League campaigners Kumasi King Faisal, Alhaji Karim Grusah, who was at the event seized the opportunity to advice the youth not to be arrogant in their activities since it pays to be humble.

‘Arrogance is not a virtue and I emplore each of you to be humble in all your endeavours. Despite the fact that I am not as old as the Chief Imam, he still respects me likewise Alhaji Inusah Sally.

‘Pride always comes before a fall and the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) always called on us to be humble. Arrogance is a virtue of Shaitaan and we must discard it,’ Alhaji Grusah advised.

Alhaji Inusah Sally whose benevolence has seen him assist and sponsor the University education of more than 30 people as well as providing support for the poor and needy humbly thanked all for making time to grace the memorable occasion.

Post source : Sheikh Tophic Sienu

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